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EV Charging

Home Electrical LTD Specialising in electric vehicle charger installation for both electric and hybrid vehicles. We install EV Charging points at home, work places, and commercial premises.

We Authorised Installer of Electric Vehicle Charger Installations

Home electrical LTD is the ideal choice for those in need of EV charging point installation services. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to electrical work, and our team of qualified professionals are more than capable of meeting your needs.

We offer various services, including installing charging stations for your electric or hybrid car at your home or business. EV charge points are growing in popularity due to new workplace charging scheme possibilities.

Increased footfall for business owners

EV drivers are starting to choose where they shop, work, and live based on the availability of charging stations. Keep your EV-driving customers and employees happy by offering this essential amenity.

Whether you’re making money by setting charging fees or encouraging visitors to spend more on other products while they charge, there’s no shortage of ways to profit with EV charging.

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